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Kishor Moorthy is a senior at Metea Valley. He enjoys playing baseball, being involved in various school clubs, and playing the violin in orchestra. Kishor started the TED-Ed Club at Metea and is a part of the Principal’s Advisory Board. He cares about equity and inclusion and looks for opportunities to be involved. For the last four years, Kishor has tutored over 60 students in math through his MathSitters initiative. He volunteers in the community, loves to watch sports and play basketball with friends. Along with a friend, Kishor has started The BTW Podcast, which is a segment-based business podcast. One of his unique hobbies is magic. For the past 10 years, Kishor has loved performing magic to his friends and families. In founding the TED-Ed Club at MVHS, he looks to give other high school students an opportunity to share about something that they are passionate about. Kishor is excited to continue the spirit of TED Talks in the high school by sharing ideas that motivate, educate, and inspire.

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Shreya Joshi is a senior at Metea Valley. She has a love for travelling as she has lived in four different countries and wishes to see all 7 wonders of the world one day. She is a people person as she really enjoys spending time with her friends and family, dancing, playing badminton, and doing various leadership activities in school. Her experiences as an active volunteer at the hospital, her neighborhood, and other non profit organizations have instilled a sense of activism in her as now she wants nothing more than to give back to the community. She wishes to build a career in medicine one day because nothing pleases her more than helping people! As a co-founder of TED-Ed Club, she is ecstatic about the future of this club because of its uniqueness and the creative platform it creates for its members. Everyone has an idea worth sharing and she is glad that she is able to help extend this opportunity to her peers and to many more who will come in future!


Vinay Agrawal is a senior at Metea Valley. He enjoys being outdoors and participating in several service-oriented clubs/organizations. In his free time, he loves playing sports, learning physics, and building various things from things that he has learned in class and home. Vinay was extremely excited to help start TED-Ed club at Metea because he thought that it was an amazing opportunity for students to join together, collaborate, and share their ideas. He also found that it would be a great away to help students like himself to get better at public speaking, leadership, and voicing their opinions. He hopes all current and future members can learn something new about themselves, improve their skills, and create valuable friendships through their experiences in the TED-Ed club.